Flood 2008 Louisa County

The flood of 2008 showed the unity of the citizens of small towns.  It's estimated that 1500 truck loads of sand went into building the levees in Columbus Jct. alone.  Follow the sequence from left to right.  The sequence starts in Columbus Jct., Iowa and goes to Wapello and Oakville.   I flew over Iowa City, Columbus Jct., Wapello, and Oakville and I was awe struck by the view of the Oakville area.  I wish all the folks in the county well in cleaning up and getting their lives back together. 

I was the pilot and the photos were taken by myself Ken Purdy, Ron Cutkomp, Kim Hafner and Andy Carpenter.    Those that know Andy might try to guess which ones he took.  They are awesome.

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100  Start Building Levee 6:10
 Start Building Levee 6/10/08
101  1st levee done
1st levee done
102   Levee Ok 6:14 11 am e
Levee OK at 11am 6/14/08
103   Hwy 70 Bypass levee breaking 6:14
  Hwy 70 Bypass levee breaking 6/14/08 around 8 pm.  Outer levee broke around 5 PM.
104   Bowling Alley and Senior Center
  Bowling Alley and Senior Center

This is a view on Hwy 92 looking East of Columbus Jct.

The first levee is build with sand covered with plastic.
It's estimated that 1500 truck loads of sand were hauled by the Louisa County Road Crew, State Trucks, and volunteers.
View looking East from Hwy 92 viaduct.  The outer levee broke earlier.  The inner levee just broke.
The Bowling alley is the blue buidling and the Senior Center has the green roof.  Casey's is in the background.

105   CHC
106   CJ Bowl, Medical, Economart
  CJ Bowl, Medical, Economart
107   East CJ 92
East CJ 92
108    CJ overall
CJ overall
109 Economart, Medical Clinic Humor
Economart, Medical Clinic Humor
The new Community Health Center of SEI Iowa Louisa County Center was shut down.  Low building in middle.
Sammy's Ten Pin on left,  HyVee Pharmacy, Dentist, Doctor's Office, Gip's, and the Economart.
Looking East.  Highway 92 East of CJ in foreground coming off via-duct.
Overall view looking to the South of Columbus Jct. Area.  Todd Town in right foreground.
At least there's still a sense of humor.  The photographer place the sign here and it wasn't me.  Guess who?
110 Economart after Crest
Economart after Crest
111 Fairgrounds
112 RR Bridge East of CJ
RR Bridge East of CJ
113 Levee West of  CJ Motel
Levee West of CJ Motel
114 RR Cars with Rock and Coal East of CJ
RR Cars with Rock and Coal East of CJ
Economart Grocery Store with window broken.  Water has gone down slightly.
Louisa County Fairgrounds.
Wow!   This photo was taken from the RR Bridge East of Columbus Jct. over the Iowa.  Cars are on the track.  This is a one of a kind photo.
Levee built West of the Columbus Motel.  View is to the South from the RR tracks.
These cars are on the RR bridge East of CJ.
115 Fire Dept Hose for water supply e
Fire Dept Hose for water supply
116 Water Line from Tyson
Water Line from Tyson
117 Overall East of CJ
Overall East of CJ
118 Hwy 61 North of Wapello
 Hwy 61 North of Wapello
119 Hwy 99 E Wapello levee break
 Hwy 99 E Wapello levee break
The CJ fire dept. is organizing fire hose they borrowed from area fire depts.  The hose was used to supply water from Tyson to Columbus Jct.  See next photo.
The yellow hose on the RR track is supplying water to Columbus Jct. from Tyson Fresh Meats.  Thanks Tyson!
View of Columbus Jct. looking to the South.
Looking to the North of Wapello.  Hwy 61 is covered with Iowa River water from the  Wapello city limits to the Iowa River bridge North of Wapello.
View looking East of Wapello.  Hwy 99 is in foreground.   In the upper left of middle, there is a break in the IA. River levee flooding the road to Lake Odessa.


125 What is it?  Spillway at Coralville

What and where is this misleading photo?  Clue:  It's not in Louisa County, but close by and contributing to the flooding here.  Email me for the answer or to give your answer.

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